Strength Circuit: 4 sets of 4 exercises: 30 sec each with a 30 sec run recovery between sets



1)      Pushups: good form necessary: go to knees if necessary


rocking boat


mountain climbers


scissors with legs, shoulders off ground


Run 30 sec



2)      Back hypers


prisoner squats


russian twist


burpie with pushup


Run 30 sec



3)      Double leg lift on side with oblique crunch (after 30 sec, change sides)


single leg dead lift with a forward lunge (after 30 sec, change sides)


Tricep pushups: hands on ground in diamond shape


Split squat jumps: alternating legs


Run 30 sec



4)      Skaters with reach


Plank Up/Plank down: go to knees if necessary


single leg squats (15 sec/side)


Double leg raise with hip lift crunch


Run 30 sec