Alternative Dynamic Warmup: All exercises should be done with 1-2 count up, 1-2-3 count lower with control and good form 

1) Donkey Kicks (45 sec each leg): Activates glute/hamstring muscles. On forearms and knees then drive bent leg back and up with flexed foot

2) Clam shells (45 sec each leg): Activates hip/glute muscles.  Lying on side with knees bent, keeping inside of feet touching, lift knee up and open pelvis.

3) Leg Lift (45 sec each leg): Activates hip abductors/glute muscles. Lying on side with legs straight, toe pointing toward ground, lift leg up to 45 deg

4) Groiners (30 sec alternating): Activates hip adductors/soas muscles. Sit with knees bent, alternate knees inward towards center line of body.

5) Scorpion (5 reps/leg alternating): Activates glute/hip flexor: Bring leg up and across towards hand using glute for activation touching your toe towards the ground/hand, return foot to starting position and activate opposite leg.